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ID 11-21-0038924 DR
Salary $22,000 per month
Language √Chinese √English √Cantonese
Education No Requirement On Academic Qualification
Employee Welfare ●Bank Holiday ●Double Pay
Number of Job Recruits 1
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VICO HOLDINGS LIMITED is an organization established in Hong Kong, it posted a job posting on Tuesday (Dec 21, 2021), the name of the recruitment is "Driver", this job belongs to the Import and Export Trades, salary is $22,000 per month , the place of work is in Mid-levels, Hong Kong, 1 people still to be recruited.
Job requirements for this position: 負責接送公司老闆及其家人及客人, 協助處理公司各項雜務, 汽車日常保養及清潔; 於中半山麥當勞道交收車。
Educational background requirements for job seekers: No requirement on academic qualification; 5 Year(s) Experience Required; Fluent Cantonese ; Fair English ; Able to read Chinese ; Driving Licence Code 01- Private Car; 工作時不吸煙, 具良好駕駛紀錄, 守時, 誠實有禮, 有責任感。
Remarks: $22,000 per month, with Double Pay and Bank Holiday, Mon to Fri: 7:20AM-6:20PM and Sat: 8:30AM-7:30PM, 6 working days per week。
Note: Hello, thank you for visiting the 748JOB website. Recently, there have been reports of Hong Kong citizens being lured online by crime syndicates with lucrative job offers in Southeast Asian countries and have then lost contact with their families or being detained after arrival, therefore, 748JOB hereby reminds job seekers to understand the company background and job nature in detail before accepting employment; do not let criminals take advantage of your eagerness to find a job or covet a high salary, so as to avoid financial loss or jeopardizing your personal safety.
  • Job Title Driver
  • Job Type Accounting
  • Job Salary $22,000 per month
  • Job ID 11-21-0038924 DR
  • District
  • Industry Import and Export Trades
  • Job Requirements 負責接送公司老闆及其家人及客人, 協助處理公司各項雜務, 汽車日常保養及清潔; 於中半山麥當勞道交收車
  • Job Introduction $22,000 per month, with Double Pay and Bank Holiday, Mon to Fri: 7:20AM-6:20PM and Sat: 8:30AM-7:30PM, 6 working days per week
  • How to apply for this job Job seekers may contact MISS HO of VICO HOLDINGS LIMITED at 64340790.
  • Remarks -
  • Driver
    2022-09-15 Mid-levels, Hong Kong
  • Driver
    2022-09-15 Mid-levels, Hong Kong
  • Driver
    2022-07-28 Mid-levels, Hong Kong
  • Driver
    2022-05-06 Mid-levels, Hong Kong
  • Driver
    2022-04-11 Mid-levels, Hong Kong
  • Driver
    2021-12-24 Mid-levels, Hong Kong
  • Driver
    2021-12-21 Mid-levels, Hong Kong